February 6, 2016

Remember Who You Are (And Who You Can Be)

What Would Your Life Look Like If: Every time a roadblock or a challenge appeared you were able to… [more]

Remember Who You Are (And Who You Can Be) Remember Who You Are (And Who You Can Be)

The Great Phone Debate

Well, maybe it’s not a great debate, but it certainly is a great conversation.  So here goes, when… [more]

The Great Phone Debate The Great Phone Debate

What Do Your Customers Really Want?

What Do Your Customers REALLY Want? The #1 Question for Businesses, by Nancy Matthews To have… [more]

What Do Your Customers Really Want? What Do Your Customers Really Want?

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Remember Who You Are (And Who You Can Be)

What Would Your Life Look Like If:

Every time a roadblock or a challenge appeared you were able to quickly find a solution that allowed you to move forward (rather than causing you to get stuck)?

In that moment of hesitation — just before you pick up the phone or ask for the sale – rather than letting fear or doubt creep in and hold you back, you invited the spirit of confidence and excitement that brought you to that moment in time?

What would your life look like if, despite what others may say about you (or what you think they think about you), you always remembered the greatness of who you really are, who you choose to be?  how you see yourself 300x225 Remember Who You Are (And Who You Can Be)

You may be thinking “Nancy, that’s easier said than done”  or, “That’s easy for you, but you don’t know what I’ve been through” and you’re absolutely right on both counts.  It is easier said than done and I don’t know what you’ve been through.   It is much easier to say things than do them, and it is in the doing that the magic happens.

While I don’t know what you’ve been through, I do know what I’ve been through.  What I do know is how I’ve managed my own fears, challenges and obstacles on an ongoing basis to consistently create the life that I truly want to live.  I could certainly share a long list of my disappointments, financial challenges, struggles and broken hearts, but would that really matter?  We’re all faced with ups and downs on this journey and as my mentor, John Maxwell says:  “It’s not what happens to you that counts, it’s what happens in you.”

What I do know and how I manage to maintain my strong spirit filled with faith, passion and purpose is that the gift of the shift from fear and doubt occurs in a split second of awareness of what is really happening.

What is really happening when fear or doubt show up?  What’s happening is that we’ve forgotten who we are, who we are capable of being and instead let our perception of the past or a fearful projection of the future cloud our vision of what’s really possible when we remember who we are … powerful CREATORS!

What is really happening when a challenge or roadblock occurs?  What is really happening is that it’s an opportunity to stretch yourself.   It’s an invitation to look at the roadblock and find a way around and through it so you can get to the other side … the place you want to be.  It’s an opportunity to become empowered by your ability to source a solution, engage others in helping you do so and to build your confidence.

Remember who you are and all that you can be when you slip on your Wonder Woman (or Superman) suit and greet the world with enthusiasm and excitement in sharing your super powers with others!

Remember to reinforce your belief in yourself as a powerful creator on a daily basis.  Here’s a free gift for you to support you in doing so.  (audio download) “7 Step System to be a Powerful Creator” go to:  http://wpnglobal.com/creator

The Great Phone Debate

Well, maybe it’s not a great debate, but it certainly is a great conversation.  So here goes, when you see you have a voice mail message from someone do you …  579436 4068507751435 1244562429 33879229 437337949 n The Great Phone Debate

(a)  Listen to the message, or

(b)  Just call them back

As someone committed to creating clear and concise communication (and in my ever present focus on managing my time and respecting others) when I call someone I leave a message with as much detail as possible so that

(a)  They know the reason I’m calling (and whether or not they even need to call me back)

(b)  When they do call back, we’ll have a frame of reference to move the conversation forward.

Confession:  This has been a pet peeve of mine.  When I leave a message and the person just calls back without listening to the message, I would get frustrated that I already left the details and now have to repeat myself.

I posed the question on Facebook the other day and got great feedback and insight that will now help me, feel less frustrated and be able to better communicate — the way others want it to be … not just how I want it!  After all, isn’t that the key to successful communication?  Making sure that we deliver our messages – in business and in life – the way the receiver wants to hear it and not the way we want to deliver it!  (Oh geez, I guess it’s NOT all about me!)

So here goes …  My Modern Day Phone Etiquette

  1. I will still leave a detailed message and if the person just calls me back without listening, instead of getting peeved I’ll think to myself “Oh isn’t this wonderful, they were so excited to speak with me that they didn’t want to waste a moment before we really connected.”
  2. I will still listen to my voice mail messages before just calling back.  I know there are others, like me who  appreciate and use this valuable tool for time management and continuous forward movement.
  3. When I make a new connection with someone I’ll ask “Do you prefer voice mail or text messages?”  (FYI … even though I’m not part of Gen Y, I do love texting!  It’s a great way to deliver quick messages  i.e. “I’ll meet you at the restaurant at 1 pm” and allows me to give quick responses to someone if I’m on the other line without having to disrupt my current conversation.”

And speaking of phones, isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come…

old cell phone The Great Phone Debate get smart phone The Great Phone Debate jetson video phone 300x129 The Great Phone Debate

What Do Your Customers Really Want?

What Do Your Customers REALLY Want?

The #1 Question for Businesses, by Nancy MatthewsWhatCustomersWant 180x160 What Do Your Customers Really Want?

To have a successful business you’ve got to have lots of customers and, lots of happy customers.  Happy customers will gladly send you referrals, come back time and time again and become the lifeblood of your business.

So how do you acquire those happy customers?  You find out what they want and then, you provide it and serve them better than anyone else has ever done.  Michael Gerber (author of “The E-Myth” and numerous other business classics) says:

“There is only one justifiable reason for creating a company; to serve someone else’s desire better than anyone else has ever done.”

I love that he uses the word ‘desire’ in this description.  Desire is defined as “a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment.” When you approach your business as serving someone else’s desire rather than selling what you have to offer, the tables are turned and pointed in the right direction.  To zero in on your customer’s desires, take a few minutes now and consider:

  1. What satisfaction will my customer have from using my product (or service)?
  2. What enjoyment will it bring to their life?
  3. What dissatisfaction have they felt in the past with others who provide the same type of products and services?
  4. What frustrations or challenges are they experiencing that my product or service can alleviate?
  5. How can I be “The One” to serve them better than anyone else has ever done?

If you’re in business and you’ve studied marketing, client acquisition or worked with business coaches, I’m sure you’ve been directed to focus on the benefits rather than simply the features to engage and attract clients.  I’ve discovered in working with thousands of business owners that the bridge from features to benefits is often times hard to travel.  The above questions will help you get to the heart of the matter and really identify your customer’s desires so that you can properly express the benefits of working with you and then, serve them better than anyone else has ever done!

Would you like to know what Mom’s want?  (FYI — that’s a TRILLION Dollar industry!)  Join me on Wednesday morning for the FREE Global Tele-class at 9:00 am CLICK HERE to Register for the live call or the replay)

Rock ‘N Roll Personal Development

Rock ‘N Roll Personal Development  rock n roll 1 300x225 Rock N Roll Personal Development

Tonight I’ll be reveling at the Atlanta kick off for The Wrecking Ball Tour of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  The excitement coursing through my veins is electrifying and my energy and spirit are at an all time high!  Many have asked (and you may be wondering too) … “Why do you go to see his shows over and over again? Why would you be willing to drive to Atlanta from Fort Lauderdale, then back home and over to Tampa?  Are you crazy?  What is it?”

Some people think I have a crush on Bruce and want to marry him … that’s not it. Some people think I just love the music (which I do) … that’s not it. Some people think I’m just nuts (and I may be) … but that’s not it either.

As I reflect upon my 40 year history and experience with Bruce Springsteen I realize that what “IT IS,” is that he has been my source of personal development, hope and opportunity since my teenage years.  Through the years his songs have always represented the voice of the average American.  They reflect the duality of the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” where life is hard people can get stuck and stopped, and “The Land of Hope and Dreams” which we can get to by getting on board the train where dreams will not be thwarted and where faith will be rewarded.

It’s not always easy to get on board the train, there are obstacles, fears and challenges that will try to block us and it takes courage, faith and perseverance to get on board.  Bruce himself has demonstrated the courage and perseverance it takes to step out of the darkness and get on board the train to step into his own light.  Going against the wishes of his parents and mainstream society in not becoming a lawyer or a doctor and instead “Always walking around with that god-damned guitar.”  I for one am grateful for the courage he has had to follow his own path and in doing so   has led the way for others to do the same.

As a college freshman in 1978 I eagerly awaited the release of Darkness on the Edge of Town and listened to it over and over again, memorizing the lyrics, the music and the movement of the songs and incorporating the message of the “Promised Lands” and rising above these “Badlands” into my spirit.   Looking back now, I realize that Bruce Springsteen was my first motivational teacher and that he has been teaching, inspiring and causing me to reflect and grow with the release of each record and during each unique live performance.

Having seen Bruce and the band over 50 times through the years, one of my favorite experiences at the shows has always been watching the way Bruce responds and reacts to the audience and creates an experience for us every single time.  I have often had tickets behind the stage (as I do tonight) and from that vantage point get to experience the audience response to the evening.  Feeling and watching the waves of emotions that will be evoked by Bruce’s unique story-telling ability, as he takes us on a journey tonight .  His latest album, Wrecking Ball, describes the anger, frustration and desperation that Americans are feeling … the 99% and in true Bruce Springsteen style, he does not leave us there.  He invites us to get on board this train which can take us to the Land of Hope and Dreams.

Are you ready to get on board?  It may be dark where you are right now, you may be feeling the anger, frustration and the desperation and not know what to do next.  What’s next is to believe..as Bruce teaches in “Promised Land”

“The dogs on main street howl ‘cause they understand if I could take one moment into my hands. Mister I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man, and I believe in a promised land.”

Take this moment into your hands, believe in a promised land that you can have what you want and get on board the train to the land of hope and dreams.  Grab your ticket and your suitcase and get on board. **Be sure to join me every Wednesday morning for a FREE Tele-Class — your midweek shot of Motivation, Education and Inspiration.  Go to http://wpnevents.com/wow to register and feel the Power of WOW Wednesdays!

Marketing in this 2.0 World

Marketing in this 2.0 World

Let me first start by sharing … I LOVE MARKETING!marketing and strategy Marketing in this 2.0 World

And, I know that for most business owners marketing and selling are their 2 least favorite activities.  They much prefer to render their services and deliver their products. The challenge that creates is that marketing and selling are what bring the clients and customers to let you do what you love (i.e. deliver your services and products).

Why do I love marketing?  Because it gives me the opportunity to talk to other people about what I love to do, which is creating business strategies for success, speaking, crafting presentations, interviewing people, writing and providing sound advice to my clients.

I’ve listed some suggestions below which you can implement now to get better results. You can also come see me live on Friday, March 16th from 9 am to 1 pm at the Crowne Plaza with Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire Maker. — here’s the link for details and registration (oh yes, it’s FREE!)

Go to:  >> FREE Yes! Energy Event

Learn to Love Marketing and Get More…of Everything!

Marketing in this 2.0 world has provided more avenues and outlets to share your message — which in most cases is a blessing and a curse.  The challenge being you obviously can’t get your message into every outlet (without a huge team and a fat budget), so how do you choose the right marketing strategies for your business.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Know your target market.  If your answer to that is “Everybody can use what I sell” — it’s time to take a look at the commonalities of who has actually been buying.  Create a client profile that includes age, gender, average income, marital status, children, religion and hobbies.

2.  Know where your target market hangs out.  As this applies to social media, are your prospects mainly on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn?  Study their online habits and hang out where they do!

3.  Know what your target market really wants (not just what you want to sell them).  Get clear on the real benefits and solutions you provide.  How will your product or service enhance their life, solve a problem, make them happier, healthier, wealthier, sexier (yes, we all know sex sells!)

I know you may have heard some of these tips before but — have you applied them to your marketing strategy?  This is why I’m often referred to as a “Catalyst” — asking the right questions, at the right time to produce the right results!

This Friday, March 16th from 9 am to 1 pm, I’m teaming up with Loral Langemeier “The Millionaire Maker” and we are committed to offering you solid solutions to create more cash with less effort.  This is a free event and you’re invited!

Register at FREE Yes! Energy Event

or call me at 954-980-2134

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity!

Nancy Matthews

Speaker~Author~Success Catalyst



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